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About the Book

Step into the vibrant world of Greek cuisine with Totally Greek: The Food-Dee Odyssey, crafted by celebrated chef and food photographer Allan Hussey, also known to the world as "The Food-Dee." This cookbook is not just a compilation of recipes; it’s a personal narrative and a cultural exploration, chronicling Allan's extensive journey through the art of Greek cooking. Allan's odyssey from the bustling kitchens of Canada to the heart of Greece and back is woven into each recipe, making this book a rich tapestry of culinary discovery.

What's Inside?

  • Over 70 Authentic Recipes: From the creamy tang of tzatziki to the flaky delight of spanakopita, each recipe is presented with easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you can recreate the magic of Greek food in your own kitchen.

  • Vibrant Food Photography: Captivating images shot by Allan himself, showcasing the beauty and simplicity of Greek dishes.

  • Allan's Culinary Journey: Dive into stories from Allan's travels and experiences in Greece, learning how these shaped his cooking philosophy and techniques.

Special Features

  • From the Chef’s Heart: Allan shares personal anecdotes and insights, offering a glimpse into the evolution of each dish and how it fits into the broader narrative of Greek cuisine.

  • Exclusive Community Access: Join an online community of fellow culinary enthusiasts to exchange recipes, stories, and tips.

Who is this Book For?

Totally Greek is perfect for anyone who loves not just to cook, but to explore stories behind the dishes. It's an excellent pick for:

  • Culinary adventurers eager to explore new flavors and stories.

  • Those interested in the cultural tapestry of Greece and its culinary traditions.

  • Readers looking for a cookbook that offers more than recipes, providing a narrative journey.

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