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Italian Bruschetta - With Ricotta And Feta Cheese

Italian Bruschetta With Ricotta And Feta Cheese is a simple appetizer you can make when friends are coming over to wow them! the mixture of feta ricotta gives it a little salty taste that goes amazing with honey or balsamic glaze!



400 g Ricotta Cheese

200 g Feta Cheese

Some Good Bread (your choice)

Olive Oil

Hand full of Cherry Tomatoes or a nice ripe Roma Tomato

Salt and Pepper

1-2 Garlic Cloves

Honey or Balsamic Glaze (to drizzle)

Sprinkle of Oregano or Basil



Mix the ricotta and feta in a bowl until well combined

You can really use any kind of bread here. If you prefer a nice ciabatta, or a good sourdough, or my personal preference, a nice crusty baguette. Slice up your bread to a thickness that suits you. You don't want it too thick, but definitely not too thin. A nice crunch on the outside with a good soft middle is my personal favorite.

Drizzle both sides of your bread slices with olive oil. Crush a clove of garlic with your knife to break the cell walls and release the glorious garlic flavor. Rub your clove all over the bread to infuse it with that garlicy goodness. Season with salt and pepper. Now grill your bread until you get a nice little char.

The rest is all assembly, spread a good thick layer of your cheese mixture, top with either diced tomatoes or half some cherry tomatoes. I like to give it another hit with some fresh cracked pepper, flaky salt, and oregano. Drizzle with some olive oil and either balsamic glaze or some honey. You can also use basil in place of oregano. I love that you can really make this your own. Top some with balsamic and basil, some with honey and oregano. Give yourself some variety, have fun, and enjoy.



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