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Creamy Cheese & Spinach Pie Inspired By Akis Petretzikis

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

This recipe is based off @Akis Petretzikis feta pie with my own twist making it a spinach pie !! Enjoy you can see Akis recipe here : Creamy Cheese & Spinach Pie is a super simple creamy crunchy pie and will impress anyone you make it for! This is also great reheated as it gains back it's nice crispy top.

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3 Green Onions

454 g Spinach

450 g Feta Cheese,

150 g Gruyere Cheese

350 ml Sparkling Water

1 Litre Milk

110 g Butter

110 g All-Purpose Flour

2 Egg Yolks

Ground Nutmeg



456 g Cooked Spinach

15 Sheets of Phyllo Dough

150 g Butter (melted)



Cook the green onion and spinach in a pan until it is wilted and all the water is evaporated.

Add the butter to a nice heavy pan over medium heat and let it melt all the way down.

Pop in our flour and mix until a nice little paste forms. Get out all your little flour clumps with a fork. Keep it on the heat. You should be getting a nutty scent. Careful though, we don't want burnt nuts, just like a nice almond smell.

Add the milk slowly, whisking continuously. Work out your arm! Do a dollop at a time. You'll get pools of milk and lumps if you just pour it all in at once. Marry it slowly. Don't jump into the honeymoon.

Let that sauce simmer for a bit, which in fact is a very precise measurement when cooking, and then we are going to freshly grind in our nutmeg and pepper. You don't have to grind, but it does give you a better flavour.

Cheese time now. Pop in your gruyere; pop in your feta. You can use whatever you want, but quality of cheese is a thing. You can tell. I like a nice barrel feta. We have a great local place here in Calgary. Shoutout to Kalamata Grocers! They get it shipped in from Greece. You don't have to go that far, but if you taste really nice feta and a generic grocery store brand, you will see the difference. I guarantee it. Now, back to the instructions... mix.

Test your mixture temperature for the next step. We are going to add in our eggs, but we don't want them to cook so your cheese/sauce mixture should not be hot. Add your wilted spinach into the pan as well and set aside.

Butter a baking sheet. We want to build a nice strong bottom to hold all our glorious filling so lay one sheet of phyllo on the bottom of the pan, drizzle with melted butter and repeat until we have at least 3 layers, but you can do more if you're a really big phylo fan. My wife would just eat sheets and sheets of cooked phyllo if she could, but we are going to be sensible today and only use 3.

Like paper, we are going to now crumple up another, let's say 4 sheets of phyllo (or more depending on your pan) and add it to the pan lengthwise.

Keep that butter drizzling with each phyllo sheet.

Pour in the cheese sauce over the phyllo.

Crumple up 4 more sheets of phyllo and add it to the pan lengthwise, and as this is clearly a diet recipe, we are going to drizzle with more butter. Like Paula Dean amounts of butter in this...

Top with a sheet of phyllo to hide all that butter inside it... and then, you guessed it, drench that with the remaining butter. Tuck it in and then slice into the top! Cut however many slices you want.

Now, I know this is strange. Trust me. I saw Akis do it for one of his cheese pies and I had to look it up because it sounded like madness. It is a thing, not witchcraft. This is totally okay and you will not ruin it. Pour the soda water on top. Yes, just do it.

Bake at 375 F for 60 minutes or until phyllo is golden and crispy.


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