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I was on blood pressure medication and it was getting to the point where even that was not working. My doctor worried as she didn't have another option for me if it kept going up. I was not sleeping at night. I would wake up not being able to breathe as the weight of the excess fat on my body would push down on my windpipe and cut off my air. I couldn't sleep on my back at all for this reason. I realized I had to change what I was eating. I knew what I had to do. Lose weight or live a shorter life! 

In this book you will get some of my favorite recipes like :

  • Scor-E-O Ice Cream

  • Spartan Smash Burger

  • Pork Tacos

  • French Toast 

  • And Many More!

►Buy It Once & Get The Latest Version Everytime I Update It! Just Re-Download The Book!!
►Exact Calories & Macros Are Broken Down For Every Recipe!
►Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Dessert Are All Covered!
►Exact Measurements For Each Recipe So You Always Hit Your Macros!

Once you purchase this book ONE TIME you get every future recipe I add for free.  Make sure you save the email you get sent after you purchase it with your download link.  Just re-visit that any time you want to get the latest version!  If you have trouble finding the email just search "Payhip" in your email inbox and it should pop right up!

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