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Simple Focaccia Bread

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

This no-knead focaccia bread recipe is a super easy recipe to make! Cooking it in a cast-iron pan or carbon steel pan helps make sure you get a nice golden crust all over the focaccia bread. I serve this every time I want to impress someone that comes over for dinner. Give this no-knead focaccia bread recipe a try !



400g or 2½ cups AP flour

1.5 or cups water 115f

8g or 2 tsp salt

60g or 1/4 cup oil

4g or 1tsp yeast

1/4 cup Olive Oul or enough to cover your pan

Toppings of your choosing

Flaky salt to taste



Add the yeast to the water and let it activate.

in a big mixing bowl add the flour and salt and mix to combine.

Add in the oil and yeast water and mix until it combines and hydrates the flour. We are not looking to knead here just enough to combine.

Cover and let rest for 45 min .

Once rested wet your hands to help keep the dough from sticking to your fingers, lift up the dough on one side as far as it will go without tearing and fold it onto its self. Turn the bowl 90 degrees and repeat 10-12 more times. Cover and gain and let rest for 45 more mins.

While your dough is resting get a 9 inch cast iron or carbon steel pan and coat the bottom with the 1/4 cup olive oil.

Once your dough has rested add it to the well-oiled pan and spread it out.

Cover for another 30 min. While the dough is resting get your toppings ready.

After 30 mins remove the top and drizzle with more olive oil enough to coat the top. No one said this was low-calorie :P.

Using your fingers press into the dough making little dimples all over it, We do this to make sure the dough rises evenly in the oven.

Top with your favorite topping and sprinkle with flaky salt and place into a 450 f oven until golden brown all over.

remove from oven and let it rest on a cooling rack for 45 mins.

serve and enjoy

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1 Comment

Becky Evans Neuman
Becky Evans Neuman
Jul 18, 2022

Why don't you add a tad of sugar to the yeast and water? Would it raise too much?


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